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Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Wow, jeez, this is actually my 1st blog post. Can you give me a minute to just get myself together? I never actually saw myself as a blogger for years. But here I am, jumping on the new age writer wagon. Are you as nervous as I am? Did someone turn up the heat? I dunno why this actually is so nerve wracking; maybe it is because I have always been a loud, talkative woman but never really put it down in print. So, after about 5 years of friends, fans (yes I have fans) lol and family telling me I should share my talents, here I am.

So here is a little introduction on who I am. My name is Ruvimbo that's Ru-vi-m-bo but for years I have just gone by Ruvi, simply because Canadians seem to not get the enunciation of my name right; no hard feelings though Canadians, we all good over here! Anywhoo, I am a mom of 2 beautiful kids, a wife and a pretty good cook if I do say so myself! I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia,Canada, which if you have no idea where that is, you are not alone. Until I came here, I had never heard of this place. I am glad I came though! This province is extremely beautiful, (besides the SNOW). I love food, like a lot. I always joke with my husband that if I had to pick between him and food or the world would come to an end, food would probably win! I am not kidding. Due to my love of food, I decided to start sharing some of my very simple recipes, because being a mom, I want delicious, restaurant quality food but who has time to cook for more than 25 minutes? Not me!!

This is what this blog is about, food, family, love, some travel and more food!

So, thank you for coming on board. Thank you for deciding to follow along my journey and believing in my vision of just "finding joy in the otherwise mundane events of life".

Give me a minute to get myself together
Ready to do this!

#momoftwo #foodie #loveroflife

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