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This blog post today is a lot more serious than my usual ones. I have been MIA again, but I did warn ya'll that I was writing a book and outside full time work, and full time mom life, my Blog took a tremendous hit & has been the one I have neglected the most, so I apologize. I will make no promises of when I intend to publish a post. It won't be weekly, or monthly, it's just whenever I feel I have something worth saying that I will come up on here and spill my guts.

Today is one of those days! I am heated people, H-E-A-T-E-D! Social media and the people who live in it is one ugly place! I have been getting into these deep rabbit holes of reading comments under certain posts and watching how people interact with each other on the skreets of the indanets, & I don't like it! People are so mean to each other, and it's over some really trivial stuff too. The post could be about an outfit a celebrity wore and the caption could be something like "Saweetie steps out in yellow. Did she kill it or not?" Then you notice 1000+ comments and regular people having heated debates about why the outfit is ok or not ok. These debates then turn ugly, as people steer from the initial construct to actually attacking each other over appearance, personalities, preferences, etc.

My question is how did we get here? As a generation, how did we become so detached from basic human compassion that we cripple those around us with disgusting, hateful messages that we can never take back, because if you did not know, once you hit send or enter, it is never getting retracted from the streets of social media again!!

Something happened to someone I have known since we were kids recently. It is not my story, however it is a story worth sharing.

A young lady posted a picture of herself being baptized and the caption was "new beginnings, the old me is washed away". Beautiful caption, just by that you get the gist that she is starting again, and that she believes through this baptism, God is making her whole again, and new. I double tapped the picture and even commented "so happy for you sis!" and then tell me why, someone chose to comment under my comment, "but you know she slept with married men in her past right?" I sat there staring at that comment like, ok, and then what? A person is choosing to start their lives again, and is making an effort to do better, but here comes someone else, drudging up some dirt from their past, just to remind this person they ain't shit. What was the reason?!! I chose to disengage from this, however that one comment led to many more spam comments from other folk basically giving more context about this girl's past. It got really really ugly in the comments section, and this female, let's call her Sue, even tried to diffuse the situation by responding to some of the comments as they came in apologizing for her actions in the past & acknowledging that saying sorry sometimes was not enough. The trolls kept on going! It is as if they have a troll whatsap group and they all told each other to go under this girl's picture and break her down.

6 hours after she chose to share a very important step in her life, she took the picture down. 1 week later, I get a text from a mutual friend to tell me she committed suicide. Turns out, not only was she trying to start a new life and trying to involve God, she had been battling depression for 8 years and had tried to fill the void with meaningless relationships with multiple partners, regardless of the consequences. She left behind a daughter who was 6 years old.

I am not saying that the comments under this image are the reason she ended her life, however, I can bet that they played an integral part in how she felt about herself, and this could have played a part in her final decision.

BE A NICE HUMAN! That is all people! What you say online, can impact a person's life in the worst possible way and so we need to just watch what we say towards other people. You really never know what someone is battling, and my motto is treat people how you would like to be treated. I know I would not want anyone to disrespect me or people I care for and so I try my very best to watch what I say and always aim to speak in kindness. It's not easy sometimes, especially when people are trying you hardcore, however, my mom always used to say empty vessels make the most noise, and sometimes it is best to just keep quiet and let someone argue with their ancestors.

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