Burn out & the love of children...

Hey peeps!

Ok so I realise I have not engaged with you since February, and honestly I have something cooking that has kept me busy outside the regular 9-5, kids and hubby... Are you ready to hear what it is?

I am writing a BOOK!! A whole non-fictional depiction of my entire life's chronicles and so when I am not being a magnificent mom, business woman, and wife, I am working away at my book, so I have completely neglected my blog and I am sorry for that. My plan from now on is to reach out when I feel inspired enough to do so, and today feels like the right day.

We are in a Province wide lockdown here in Nova Scotia, and it has been 3 weeks and counting. The first week and half did not feel too bad, I was fortunate enough to still have child care as the day cares remained open, however like everything else in our beautiful province, they also shut down and then my little cosy life of working from home and having the entire place to myself during the day blew up right in my face. My 2 kids under 4 have been home for over a week now and I am BURNT OUT I tell you! Let me just break down my regular day to you, just incase anyone else is experiencing similar burn out symptoms like I am:

6:00am Wake up, (reluctantly I might add)

6:30am Work out ( I have been trying to lose some weight as I gained a crap load over the last year)

7:00am Kids wake up and run around me while I try to complete my work out.

7:30am Shower

7:45am Get kids dressed for the day & tidy up their rooms

8:00am Kids get breakfast

8:30am Work starts

9:15am Kids have somehow started fighting and everyone is crying

9:30am Order is restored for a short period of time

10:00am Have a coffee

10:15am Refocus on work tasks

11:00am Set up kids with lunch

11:15am Both are throwing food from plates onto the floor

11:30am I clean up the messy floor and change outfits of them both

12:00 Nai Nai needs a nap so snuggle her for a few minutes until she settles

12:30pm Breakfast/Lunch

12:35pm Ano is upset because his favorite show on youtube is not playing

12:50pm Ano is settled and I forget I was eating and had only gotten 2 bites of my food

1:00pm Refocus on work tasks

2:00pm Nai Nai wakes up

2:10pm Kids snack time

2:30pm Refocus on work tasks

4:00pm Kids keep bringing their shoes and jackets so I take them "ousayd"

4:15pm Shut off computer as no more work will be accomplished

4:30pm We outside!

5:00pm Start supper prep while both kids scream in terror as if I have starved them all day

5:30pm Kids are eating

6:30pm Adults are eating

7:00pm Kids bath time routine

8:00pm Glass of wine and kids bed time routine

9:00pm Mom & Dad time

10:00pm Pass out

2:00am Ano comes into my room

2:10am Put Ano back in his bed (this game continues for an hour until I give up and he ends up sleeping in our bed)

3:00am Nai Nai realises she is missing out on all the action & wakes up with a bang!

3:30am Nai Nai settles back for the night

4:30am I finally Sleep

6:00am My blasted alarm!!!

I swear to you, this is not an exaggeration at all. This has been my life for over a week and I am so so so so so very tired people! Is there anyone else feeling the way I am feeling? I started typing this post last night and then fell asleep as I was doing it, so had to finish today.

As tired as I am, I also have to actively remind myself to be thankful as someone else would rather have the life I have then their own life, and so I should never take for granted that I am an able bodied mother, who is able to provide for my kids, and is also working during the worst time economically the world has faced.

I hope for any of you feeling this way, you also take some time for yourself, even if it's one hour a week, to just do something for you, be it a nap, a drink, a walk for clarity etc. Your mental health is very important no matter how busy your life may seem.

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