Hotels, Husbands & Holistic love making

Woosh, before i dive right into this week's post, let me start by apologizing for disappearing for 2 weeks. I was taking a break for my birthday and just struggled to come back, however, I am back better than ever and here to stay hunty!


So this weekend my baby daddy and I decided to take a staycation in our city of Halifax, Nova Scotia. We do this every winter, shortly after Valentine's day because our province actually has a lot of amazing winter packages built for the lovers or even those just looking to get pampered. My girl Otni, showed up to watch the kids and Nash and I drove off like two giddy teenagers who were just allowed by their parents to go for an unsupervised date. We both knew that this weekend was going to be full of love in all its forms and we could not wait for the release! We got to the Marriott, checked in and headed to our room.

As usual, as life would have it, we started bickering. I cannot even remember what we were annoyed at each other about because it was something stupid, however the sparks seemed to start fizzling right in front of my eyes. Now, if you know me at all, you will know that I must always be in control, and plan everything to the last detail. So, I had made a reservation at 3 restaurants, so we could decide once we were hungry what we would be in the mood for, I made sure we had the alcohol, because sometimes, even having been with someone for 7 yrs, we get nervous when truly alone with someone, and I did not want the nerves to get in our way. So you can imagine, how truly annoyed I was at the current state of affairs. The fact that you cannot plan and contain emotions really gets to me.

Ok, back to our annoying bickering, we were now alone in our room, and Nash turned on some tunes, poured us some drinks, and I decided to go and start getting ready for dinner. 1 drink in, and make up halfway done, (I looked a little crazy, I had one eyelash on and setting powder on my face), Nash came into the bathroom, took a look at me, and said "You look absolutely stunning babe!" Now as a rational human being, how can you stay mad at your man when he ouchea telling you you look good when you know damn well you look ridiculous?! He was handing me an olive branch, and it was up to me in those 5 seconds to decide, was I going to take it so we can start the night again or was I going to choose to be petty and keep the fight going. I chose option A which is to accept the fight was over, but in true Ruvi fashion I had to be dramatic about it and say "Boy you know damn well I look ridiculous with the 1 eyelash, but thank you for saying that" and we kissed, and the last 30 minutes of our insanity were erased.

The rest of the night just got better and better. We ate good food, laughed, held hands, had a little fondling here and there, and just melted into each other's being. We continued our beautiful evening at 5Social which is a new lounge here in Halifax, that has a very good vibe of positivity and fun. We met awesome people, and shared drinks, then proceeded back to the Marriott for the rest of the night. Once alone again in our room, we turned down the lights and got down to our bare skin then laid next to each other and talked. We talked about life, kids, goals, failures, victories etc for about an hour, and it was all so natural and unforced that we pretty much climaxed with no sex. We got to a point when we were both so in tune that we laid there quietly, holding onto each other, and breathing in our partner's being. I wish I could fully put into words what this experience was like. This is why i titled this post Holistic love making. According to the philosophical term, Holistic means comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole. This is what this moment in time felt like. I could feel his pulse, and hear the rythm of his heart and because he was so relaxed, my own heart joined his in scynronicity and as we spoke honestly to each other our subconscious minds elevated and climaxed at the peak of understanding.

Ok mom, if you are reading, you can stop now!

After we reached a level of intimacy we had not yet achieved in our 7 yrs of being together, we then proceeded to do what adults to and fully focus on each other's needs, taking time to caress each other and glorify each other in front of God as it should be. We then reached full climax and after, while still breathing hard from the sensation of two bodies bonded into one, prayed together, and thanked God for bringing us this far in our journey, and asked that he continue to bless us with patient hearts so we may always be in sync, even when egos collide.

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