Santa Schmanta!

Ho ho hokay i know that title probably has you wondering why I am hating on the big jolly fellow who brings us Christmas Joy, however this is not necessarily about the actual Santa and more about my feelings towards Christmas season this year. At the beginning of December I was so against Christmas. It was such a difficult year, (no need to go down the rabbit hole of all the events of 2020) and so I just felt that maybe we should cancel Christmas this year. I really wanted to treat the 25th of December this year as just another day. Wake up in the morning, turn the tv on, avoid all Christmas movies, and just "hang" with my family. BTW i do not do Christmas movies just as an aside. Like I actually cannot for the life of me sit through a Hallmark movie or a romantic comedy based around the holidays. They are just so cringe worthy to me. The realist in me (some may call me a pessimist) just cannot enjoy them. And why is everyone in them so perfect looking? Chiseled chin and big blue eyes? I mean bleh!! Anyway, that is a rant for another day as I could go on and on, about the lack of realism in these productions..

I was also cancelling the new year celebrations as well! Was just going to wake up on the 1st of January like any other day. I still think this year besides a toast at midnight, there is not much we can do, maybe a zoom party since that is the new normal.

My husband and co-workers were all like NO ways Ma'am! They pretty much guilt tripped me into celebrating this year; however I am glad they did. Because, (and yes grammar police, I know I should not begin a sentence with because), however, it just works for this specific scenario. So yes, because the year has been incredibly difficult worldwide, it is absolutely necessary to celebrate what we do have, even if it feels small, as long as it is worth something to our lives, then we celebrate. That includes birthdays, holidays such as Christmas and achievements of any kind. So after being the Grinch, I finally let go and let the Christmas cheer spread into every fibre of my being. I went from no decorations and no gifts to a full on shopping spree. Now, may I also note that Christmas is not about gifts at all. It is sentimental and about the birth of Jesus, and we should never really buy into the materialism of it, however my kids are still young enough to just enjoy the process of opening a box and finding a $10 gift.

So I have a whole feast planned. I will be making the following for my Christmas dinner, feel free to take the menu if you have been feeling uninspired.

Starter: Sweet potato & squash soup with home made rolls

Main: A whole chicken with a pesto base glaze. Beef roast with a honey garlic sauce. Potato dauphinoise, mac & cheese, & braised veggies with a coriander chutney.

Dessert: Tiramisu Cake & tea

I am also very empathetic to all those who do not get to celebrate Christmas this year, for whatever reason, social bubbling restraints, illness, away from family etc. This time of the year can be really hard for so many people for different reasons and I am very blessed to be able to still celebrate with food, a warm home and family, so if you are lucky like me, please take a few minutes to think of others during this time and actually give something to those who do not have. When we think of giving we always think of monetary value, however we can give our time, our talents and our fortune, whatever it may be. If you live in Halifax, Nova Scotia the Coast has a pretty extensive list of different ways you can help this year.

To all my lovely friends out there, I want you to know that I will be thinking of you and praying for you as well during this time, that we may all enter 2021.

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