The Game is Rigged... You lost already

Ok I know that title is Hella depressing! But it's so true and sometimes we just need to face the truth and go in guns blazing.

Women have been dealt a really bad hand. Let's just talk about that for a second.

We go through the pains of child birth and unlike dad who gets to donate his stuff to the making of the offspring, we carry this lifeform growing inside our bodies and our bodies change with the child. We can experience hair loss, hair growth in places we never wanted hair, weight gain, change of appetite, random liquids being evicted from our bodies from all ends... and so much more.

Then after some months, the baby has to come. Whether it's through a C section or natural, both hurt in their own way and have different life long effects. If you push, you could rip and then have to get stitches, then your hoo ha will never be the same again.

If you get a c section, you live with a scar that reminds you what you went through to bring a child into the world.

Ok so now the baby is here and somehow as much as dad can try to help, you in your exhaustion still do 80% of the nurturing.

Then come toddler years, and you have to constantly stop them from trying to physically harm themselves on a daily basis.

Then come preteens with the attitude and the hormones.

Then teens when they cannot stand you because "mom doesn't get me" and through all of it dad still somehow stays the cool guy.

Then young adult life when they forget about you as they go start their new lives...

HOWEVER, even though we have lost the game, we have not lost the entire series/season/tournament. What I mean by that is sometimes we have to play more than 1 game to win the series and even though that particular game of womanhood is rigged, it's not the only game we get to play.

Find something else that you can focus your energies into so that you don't feel like everyday is a battle that you have lost yet again!

This is why I chose to be someone else outside being a "mom". I wanted to be a content creator, business woman, and as of 2 weeks ago, Author. These are games I am determined to win and no one can tell me nothing because I know the skills I come with in those areas.

It doesn't mean I do not enjoy being a mom, I frigging love it. But it's so painfully sweet that sometimes I do lock myself in a bathroom and cry because I am human and I have feelings that sometimes get frayed by the pressures I put on myself to be the perfect wife, perfect mom, perfect role model, perfect career woman.

Writing a book was a challenge in and of itself, however, it is something I created and no1 can take it from me! My book is called "It All Came Full Circle" and is a memoir that talks about the struggles I faced trying to be the perfect woman so I could get the perfect husband..

I have to constantly remind myself whenever I go down the rabbit hole of "am I even doing enough" that heck I am doing more than enough!

This is a love letter to myself, and to you sis, ❤ You are doing phenomenal! You are one bad mother (shut your mouth) & even though your kids may seem unnapreciative now, once they hit a certain age of adulthood or start their own families, they will value everything that mom did for them!

The one person I admire the most in this world is my mother, and if you had told me that at 15 I would have slapped your stupid face for even suggesting it but here I am, a mother who misses her mother daily and wishes I had made her life easier.

The point of this is to say, in your bad days remember, women were dealt a bad hand from the jump, and we are all fumbling about in this world that constantly portrays perfection. No1 has the special recipe. There is no secret moms club that only a select few go to where women are fabulou

s and raise fabulous kids. Everyone locks themselves in a room once in a while and says "I just want 5 mins!!!"

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